A walking or driving tour through the towns and hamlets of: Ellisburg, Belleville, Henderson, Smithville, Adams and Sackets Harbor, New York

This famous event of the war of 1812 was the carrying of supplies over wilderness road after the battle of Big Sandy Creek. In late may of 1814 the Americans attempted to transfer supplies from Oswego to Sackets Harbor. Due to the blockade of the harbor by British lake patrols, the American supply boats had to stop at Big Sandy Creek. The following day the British dispatched patrol boats up the creek and were caught in an ambush by the Americans and Oneida indians. Supplies and British prisoners were marched to Sackets Harbor with the exception of a 5 ton cable intended to complete the warship "Superior". Local militia carried the cable on their shoulders for three days through the wilderness to Sackets Harbor. Where the cable was lowered at the end of each day is marked with three commemorative bronze markers erected by the Daughters of the War of 1812. The importance of this event is that it effectively ended the war on the frontier.

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